Glass Jars

Heavy bottom glass jars. Child resistant options available.

Perfect for saucy diamonds, rosin coins and every other extract you want to display. We carry 5ml and 9ml child resistant jars. 6ml jars with silicone lids, and 7ml jars with screw lids.

bulk options will reveal additional discounts.



Glass rosin jars have become the standard for high quality concentrate containers. With the selection of wholesale and bulk glass jars that Oil Slick offers, we can provide the quality containers that your extracts require. If you are in an area that requires child resistant jars, we offer numerous options depending on the volume you desire. Child resistant jars offer safe storage of extracts in households and locales that require it. With a quick push and twist the jars will share their secrets. Without the proper technique, jars will remain locked and closed, so no individuals can access their bounty. If child resistant glass rosin jars are not required, we off a handful of different options. Easy access is important for individuals with arthritis and other forms of immobility. The 6ml jar is perfect for scenarios that don’t require child resistant storage and easy access. If you have any questions about our wholesale and bulk glass rosin jars, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Call or email us today for more details.


The easiest and most effective way to clean rosin jars is with warm isopropyl alcohol. The higher the percentage, the easier it is to clean.


Glass jars can be used for countless things. They are perfect for containing small amounts of small things. A few grams of sugar, a few mls of makeup, a pinch of pineapple extract. The possibilities are endless.


Our glass jars are made from container glass that is chemically inert and will not interact with its contents.


Glass jars are better for a handful of reasons. Their durability makes them great for long term storage. Their chemical durability makes them safe for storing things for extended periods of time.


Glass jars are super durable! They are even chemically durable to resist degrading.