Silicone Slick Pads

Oil Slick invented the medical grade dab pad. The slick pad was our first award wining product back in 2007 and its still the best dab pad of choice for OG's and new dabbers alike.

From the tiny to the SUPER large our entire collection of classic and colorful non-stick pads!

We also make full color Canvas series dab pads. Somewhere for your Dab rig, Bong or glass spoon. Easy on your Quartz bangers and saves you every drop of extract.

Beautify your table, protect your glass, save every last dab.

 Silicone slick pads were developed for a quick clean, non-stick surface. Oil Slicks elevated the quality by only using platinum cured silicone in our dab pads. With innovative printing processes we are able to make colorful silicone placemats, dab pads, bar mats, and kitchen trivets!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a Dab Pad?

A dab pad is a non-stick silicone pad. Oil Slick only makes medical grade silicone pads. Food grade silicone pads on the other hand can leach harmful toxins and chemicals into extracts. Extracts often contain trace amounts of butane and/or high levels of terpenes. These compounds interact with food grade silicone while medical grade silicone is resistant to them. When choosing a dab pad choose Oil Slick.

What does a dab pad do?

A dab pad is a revolutionary surface that is non-stick, but also sticky. Oil Slick dab pads provide a safe non-stick surface that can be dabbed directly off of, prevents glass from sliding, and allows lost dabs to be completely retrieved!

How do you clean DAB pads?

When cleaning a dab pad, start with a damp paper towel to wipe off any large debris. After you have cleared the surface, hand wash or put it in the dishwasher like any other dish. We advise not using alcohol or similar caustic solutions.

What is the purpose of a dab mat?

Dab pads are designed as a non-stick surface to reclaim any drip-drops of oil that may be lost in the process of dabbing. Aside from that they are fantastic sticky surfaces to keep a pipe or bong in place. Dab pads have countless uses aside from just dabbing also! They are safe to cook with up to 450 and make for elegant place mats!