Silicone Nectar Collectors

Whats the best way to dab? Personally i think dabbing with a nectar collector is the best option.

Silicone nectar collectors with titanium tips. Dabbing has never been easier than with our water and waterless nectar collector collection. Check em out!

A lot of people come here looking for silicone nectar collectors for sale. If you're looking for a silicone nectar collector or any sort of nectar collector in particular you found the right place! We have silicone nectar collectors for sale in many different colors many different styles and shapes and sizes.

Some of our silicone nectar collectors have titanium tips those titanium tips can be heated to take a dab on the go or at home. Some of our silicone nectar collectors take water the ones that take water are also called bubbler silicone nectar collectors because they bubble and percolate inside of the nectar collector itself. There are types of nectar collectors that are not made from silicone but we think that silicone nectar collectors are the superior material primarily because of their durability and also they look cool as heck!

Finally if you came here looking for a silicon nectar collector keep in mind that silicone is a different material than silicon so silicon nectar collectors don't even exist. Believe me you want to stick with a silicone nectar collector if at all possible

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a Nectar Collector?

Similar to a standard dabbing device, Silicone Nectar Collectors are designed to vaporize hash and concentrates. Instead, nectar collectors are a more portable, hand-held concentrate bubbler.

How long should you heat a Nectar collector?

Using a torch, heat up the nail to your desired temperature. Remember you want to dab rigs at a lower temperature for maximum terpene preservation. High-temperature dabs create a deliciously thick vapor that’s dense and all concentrate will be consumed.

How do you use a Nectar water collector?

After you have heated the tip, let it cool, put your mouth to the mouthpiece and hold the tip into the wax container. It will start vaporizing right away, so inhale immediately. We suggest you store your concentrates in a glass container—you can dip the tip directly into that container or dab off of a separate glass surface

Are silicone Nectar collectors safe?

Silicone nectar collectors are a safe portable way to consume concentrates with little to no waste. With less moving parts and silicone pieces, you will find an ultra-durable and pure form of vaporization.