Concentrate jars

Glass and silicone concentrate jars for packaging your precious extracts. Fm CR heavy bottom jars to silicone concentrate jars we have it here. The entire collection of extract and concentrate packaging is on sale. Check em out! Chat with us if you have any questions.

Dab containers are jars, preferably made from silicone or glass, used to store dabs or other concentrates. Avoid plastic dab containers to ensure you are not consuming any plastic or chemicals.


There are numerous types of concentrates available. The main difference between concentrates is how they are extracted. To name a few; there are hydrocarbon, water, heat, and carbon dioxide extractions. To contain these concentrates or extracts, I suggest using a glass concentrate container.


The most popular wax concentrate container is our 7ml screw top glass jars. Roughly 50% of the recreational market uses this jar or something very similar. We offer boxes that increase the professional appearance of our containers.


Cannabis concentrates don’t necessarily expire, but degrade. Depending on the storage conditions they may last as long as 10 months. Storing your concentrates in one of our jars in a cool dark place, like a fridge, will prolong the life of your concentrates.


Absolutely! We can make custom stickers, custom boxes, and even do custom labels. Whatever you have in mind we can make it happen!


The most popular wax container sizes are 5ml, 7ml, and 9ml. Screw top jars are more popular than child resistant jars currently, but market requirements are shifting the needs of consumers.


This depends on the way that concentrates are stored. If the concentrates are stored in a cold dark place, they will last as long as 9 month. Terpenes will degrade first, then psychoactive properties. If you can keep your concentrates in an airtight jar, you will find that they can be stored much longer.


Most concentrate containers are made out of glass. This is because glass will not interact with any of the terpenes or residual extraction materials.


If you are in a hot environment, it is suggested to refrigerate concentrates in order to preserve your terpenes. Refrigerating concentrates may make them a little more difficult to work with, but it will prolong the shelf life of them.


One way to make dabs last longer is to use them sparingly. They are called a dab for a reason. Just a dab of them will do. Another way to make dabs last longer is by reducing your temperature when dabbing. Lower temp dabs are more flavorful and will give you a longer rip.


Leftover dabs can be removed from a glass jar by heating the jar up and scraping the inside with a tool that fits into your container well. Do not do this with acrylic jars! If you are using acrylic jars, remove the dabs from them as soon as possible and get them into a glass jar to protect your health.


What Are Dab Jars?

Dab jars are typically glass jars with plastic lids. These jars are designed to protect concentrates from oxidizing, overheating, waxing, and other forms of degrading. There are also silicone concentrate containers, these dab jars are designed to ensure that all concentrates within the container can be retrieved without wasting a drop. Oil Slick has been in the concentrate container market for over 10 years. With this decade of experience we have watched the concentrate market develop in new ways that we will always cater to. We strive to provide the highest quality dab jars at the best prices anywhere. These dab jars have been thoughtfully produced to ensure that concentrates can be stored safely and retrieved easily. With the variety of dab jars available on the market, we like to focus on quality and safety. It is important to have a dab jar that won’t contaminate concentrates. Compared to acrylic jars, these dab jars will never affect the quality of your oil. Choose the right concentrate container for your needs. If you are unsure, don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.


If you are interested in large quantities of our concentrate containers, we offer amazing prices for wholesale concentrate containers. Concentrate containers are an important commodity within the cannabis industry. Without wholesale concentrate containers your dabs are stuck in limbo, never to be enjoyed by the awaiting dabbers around the world! For wholesale concentrate containers, order directly through our website, chat with us, email us, or call at at the number below. We are here to help 9-5 M-F. We look forward to hearing from you!