Parchment Papers

Precut parchment paper, silicone release paper and foil backed parchment.  Rosin parchment is nonstick and foil backed parchment stays closed!  Availiable in precut parchment squares, and printed parchment paper.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the best parchment paper for rosin?

Oil Slick Paper silicone release paper is the best ‘parchment’ available for rosin. Oil Slick Paper is designed for rosin production and storage. The Slick Paper has characteristics that make it superior to any other parchment paper on the market. Terpene Resistant, durable, and ultra non-stick.

How do you get rosin off parchment paper?

Rosin can be difficult to remove from paper in certain situations. If you find yourself struggling to remove the product from your parchment, try setting the paper on an ice pack momentarily to harden any runny rosin. Use a dabber to pull off and collect any remaining pieces.

Can you use baking paper for rosin?

Baking paper can be used for rosin, but it is not designed for that particular use. Baking Paper can leach harmful chemicals like quilon and BPA into your rosin. Unbleached paper can also leach harmful carcinogens. When choosing paper for rosin, alway choose Slick Paper.