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Ever since the inception of bongs, nearly all these items are glass made known as one of the best materials to smoke from. As we know, glasses are fragile material that quickly gets shattered at the slightest mistake. To this end, other durable materials such as silicone have been recently introduced in making bongs to combat the issue with glass materials.

Just like the glass bong, the silicone pipe also has its advantages and drawback. One of its standout benefits is its durability. Also, it’s perfect for travelers as it can be easily folded and stored without any risk damage. Let’s dive in deep as we review why silicone bongs are the best options for some smokers.


What Are Silicone Pipes?


Before digging deep into the discussion about silicone pipes, you ought to know more about silicone as a material and its origination. Silicone is an artificial or synthetic polymer made from silicon and oxygen. It gained popularity after the discovery of plastic toxicity in some applications like food-related products. Food-grade element is a strong element, chemically dormant, and doesn’t emit toxin or gas into food products when heated, making the material a perfect substitute for containers and kitchen utensils. Also, it’s an indestructible material with the ability to be molded into any design.


Are silicone pipes safe?


Of course, yes! When purchased from a reliable online head-shop like Oil Slick. Silicone possesses an extremely high melting point of about 600 degrees Fahrenheit, enabling the material withstands extreme temperatures and heat without melting, melting, or emitting harmful gases.

Despite its durability, it’s not advisable to give it contact with a direct flame or torch. Your item can get damaged by doing such. Therefore, it’s of great importance to only light the bowl you are smoking out of. When dabbing from your silicone dab rig, it is recommended to make use of a glass dropdown to remove the nail further away from the silicone rig to avoid any accidental heat havoc. The same procedure is applicable when using a glass dab rig but more critical with silicone.


How do silicone pipes work?


Smoking your marijuana from your silicone pipe, firstly, you will get your bowl filled with your favorite marijuana strain, broken down into your preferred grind sizes. Ensure not to overfill your pipe as your marijuana might expand and fall out when combusted at first.

With an appropriately filled bowl, you are ready to smoke. Firmly hold your pipe in your hand with your thumb over the carb. Place the bong on your lips and then inhale as you light your marijuana with a hemp wick.

Once your marijuana gets lit, you can get rid of the flame. Inhale the amount of smoke you feel comfortable taking probably for a few seconds, and then take off your thumb from the carb and continue inhaling to clear the smoke stem.

Immediately the marijuana turns to ash and no longer stays lit, you can tap out the ash into an ashtray and refill if desired.


Are silicone pipes better than glass?


Silicone water pipes as a new introduction into the smoking world are serving the glass products a real competition. Also available for purchase in different customized options by some brand – that’s a flexibility feature possessed by silicone that glass bongs lack.

Another critical point that differentiates both from each other is that the glass bongs offer high-quality smoke. At the same time, silicones are a durable and cheaper option. Glass bongs designs are made to complements your home decor, but silicones are a better option for travelers as it’s unbreakable.

Both offer excellent smoking experience, and both worth your investment, but slicing pipes are trusted to stand the test of time.

For a better purchase of silicone water pipes, Oil Slick remains a trusted dealer. Our online head-shop doesn’t only boast of smoking products that represent durability, safety, and convenience of silicone, but extremely cool as well. We have in stock silicone smoking pipes of all kinds of styles with every needed accessory to maximize your smoking experience. Look no further. Place your orders today!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do you use a silicone bubbler?

Silicone bubblers work by igniting substance packed into a bowl. While the substance is lit, the user draws air through the mouthpiece. This pulls smoke through the stem into the water, generating bubbles that filter and condense the smoke or vapor. This provides a cooler and smoother hit!

What's the best way to clean a silicone pipe?

There are many ways to clean a silicone pipe. We suggest starting with emptying the water in your pipe, freezing the pipe, and squeezing or hitting it to break loose any attached resin. Once this has been completed we recommend using a mild soap solution and warm water. There are various different cleaning solutions available that can prolong the life of your silicone dab rig.

What's the best DAB rig?

There are many great dab rigs, but the best one available is the one that you’ve chosen to fit your needs. If you need something that is discrete and durable check out our full silicone rigs like the Geobong. This dab rig provides an elegant solution to broken pipes and ugly glass tubes.

How do you pick a good dab rig?

Picking a good dab rig is an important decision! If you are looking for something that has nearly no breakable pieces, we suggest our non-hybrid silicone pipes. These pipes are great for throwing into a backpack and doing a hike into the woods. If you are staying home and enjoy seeing your hit, our hybrid silicone pipes are a fantastic and elegant solution. They are more durable than any other glass tube on the market!