7ml UV Resistant Round Bottom Jar with Child Resistant Black Lids

Introducing the 7ml UV Resistant Round Bottom Jar with Child Resistant Black Lids - the perfect storage solution for all your plant-based goods. These innovative containers are specifically designed to extend the freshness and potency of your dried goods for up to six months or longer. They do this by blocking out harmful visible light rays that can degrade your stored products, while at the same time allowing beneficial UV and infrared wavelengths of light to kill molds, algae, and bacteria.

Not only are these containers functional, they also have a sleek, modern design that will fit in with any decor. They are made of premium, eco-friendly, European-made, durable glass that is scientist-designed to lock in freshness and fragrance. The screw-on, airtight BPA-free plastic lids provide an extra layer of protection to keep your stored goods safe and secure.

These 7ml UV Resistant Round Bottom Jars are ideal for storing a variety of items, including cosmetics, lotions, balms, travel essentials, bath essentials, and medicine. They have a capacity of 7ml, making them perfect for storing a gram of concentrates or saucy diamonds. They are also great for storing bubble that is too fire to squish.

Customize your jar lids with stickers, printing, or boxes to make them truly unique. These jars are also available in a larger 9ml size with child resistant lids. Order yours today and experience the benefits of UV Glass Storage Containers for yourself!