5ml Round Bottom Child Resistant Jar with Black Lids

Introducing our 5ml Round Bottom Child Resistant Jar with Black Lids - the perfect solution for storing your concentrates safely and securely. Certified child resistant, these jars are designed to keep your products out of the reach of children, making them ideal for any store selling Saucy diamonds, concentrates, or that fire bubble.

At 5ml, these jars easily fit a gram of concentrate, making them a great choice for dabbing enthusiasts. The heavy bottom design ensures stability, while the round bottom shape makes it easy to access your products.

Customize your 5ml jars with our custom printed lids or stickers, or choose from our selection of boxes to create a cohesive look for your store.

Not looking for a child resistant option? We also offer non-child resistant jars in our store. And if you need a larger size, check out our 9ml child resistant jars.

With a diameter of 1.25" and a height of 1", these jars are the perfect size for your store's needs. Order yours today and keep your concentrates safe and secure.