Oil Slick® Shield

We love our glass & we love to share... but sometimes that means sharing more than good vibes. Viruses and Colds can ruin a great time. The “Cup Cough” is a souvenir nobody wants to bring home from the party. The spread of viruses is something we are all aware of, but other than smelly alcohol swabs there are few personal products that prevent unwanted germs.

  • A stylish re-usable alternative to alcohol swabs
  • Lets your customer take control of their own health and well being
  • Medical Grade silicone film fits every shape and size of mouthpiece
  • Stretches to cling and cover without impeding function or airflow
  • Each “Slick Shield” comes in its own, hygienic, envelope
  • Comes in a variety of colors
  • Slim pocket size