Top Selling Silicone Silicone Rigs and Spoons

A list of our most popular silicone bongs pipes and dab rigs. From Glass silicone hybrids, to spoon pipes for camping. The top sellers are here. There are TONS more on the main website, click below to shop them ALL.

 In this collection you will find our top selling silicone rigs and spoons. These silicone rigs are our most popular movers for a reason! They are the highest quality and best functioning silicone dab rigs available today. Without a silicone rig you may find yourself with a less than satisfying broken glass piece. A silicone spoon will not break when it falls out of your lap compared to common glass pieces.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are silicone rigs safe?

Silicone rigs and pipes are a safe durable option for consumption. Silicone is resistant to heat, cold, and chemicals. Silicone rigs are unbreakable and provide a longer lasting option compared to glass pipes and rigs.

How do you clean a silicone DAB rig?

There are many ways to clean a silicone Dab rig. We suggest starting with emptying the water in your pipe, freezing the rig, and squeezing or hitting it to break loose any attached resin. Once this has been completed we recommend using a mild soap solution and warm water. There are various different cleaning solutions available that can prolong the life of your silicone dab rig.

How much water do you put in a silicone DAB rig?

Silicone dab rigs require various different amounts of water. Slowly add water until bubbling begins. Add more water to reach your desired amount of percolation while trying to avoid the water reaching your mouth.