Oil Slick® Wrap Foil Backed Parchment

Looking for a more reliable way to store your concentrates and shatter? Look no further than Oil Slick® Wrap Foil Backed Parchment! Our innovative wrap is designed with a waterproof inner barrier to keep your terpenes in and water out. This makes it the perfect choice for storing extracts and rosin, ensuring that they stay dry and protected.

Unlike other parchment wraps on the market, the Oil Slick® Wrap is made with a foil backing that provides an extra layer of protection. And, with a 50 foot roll, you'll have plenty of wrap to last you through multiple storage sessions. Plus, our wrap is BPA and Quilon free, so you can trust that it's safe for use with your extracts.

Don't rely on plain paper to keep your extracts safe. Upgrade to Oil Slick® Wrap Foil Backed Parchment and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your concentrates and shatter are stored in the best possible way. Order your roll today!


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