Mylar Bags

Introducing “Mylar Bags” - Your Ultimate Marijuana Packaging Solution on Oil Slick

Welcome to Oil Slick’s Mylar Bags collection, your one-stop destination for premium marijuana packaging that keeps your cannabis products fresh and protected. Our high-quality Mylar Bags are designed to meet the unique needs of the cannabis industry, providing a sleek and stylish storage solution for herbs, spices, and other valuable items.

Available in five versatile sizes, Oil Slick’s Mylar Bags are perfect for packaging a variety of marijuana products:

Preroll (2.5" x 9")
1 Gram (4.5" x 3")
⅛ oz or 3.5 Gram (5" x 3.6" x 1.5")
¼ oz or 7 Gram (6.5" x 4" x 1.77")
½ oz or 14 Gram (8.15" x 5" x 2.36")

Choose from our sophisticated Matte Black finish, with an optional Clear Window to showcase your product while maintaining privacy. This design allows you to keep the contents hidden or visible, based on your preference.

Oil Slick’s Mylar Bags are engineered to provide superior protection for your marijuana products. These smell-proof bags prevent unwanted odors from escaping, while the zip-top design offers resealability for repeated use without hassle. Our bags also feature UV protection to shield your items from harmful rays, ensuring product integrity.

For added security, our Mylar Bags are heat sealable, allowing you to create an airtight seal and safeguard your products. The convenient tear notch at the top ensures easy access, making these bags the ideal choice for your cannabis storage needs.

Discover Oil Slick’s Mylar Bags collection today and elevate your marijuana packaging game with our stylish, durable, and functional solutions. Your satisfaction and your customers’ experience are our top priorities - trust Oil Slick to deliver the best in cannabis packaging.