6ml Glass No-Neck Jar



Designed for ease of use and safety, these 6 ml containers feature an easy snap-on silicone cap instead of a screw top.  The clear glass showcases the quality of your product, and the well-fitting cap protects the potency of the product, seals in freshness, and prevents the possibility of leakage.

Customize the jar lids with stickers, printing, and boxes below.

Stickers available here

Boxes available here


Diameter w/lid: 1.03"

Height: .875


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much do glass containers cost?

Glass containers range in price from nearly 10 cents to a little over half a dollar. This price range depends on the features and size of the glass containers. Child-resistant jars tend to be a little more expensive due to the precise and safely engineered lids.

Are old glass jars worth anything?

Old glass jars can be recycled or upcycled by the end consumer. Their worth does not diminish much based on use because of the ease to clean and the quality of the material.

Which containers are best for storage?

The best container choice depends on the intended contents of the container. Glass jars provide a fabulous, safe, and durable option to store countless items. Child-resistant options are available for safe storage in a family home, while screw-top jars provide ease of access to the contents.

What are the advantages of using glass containers?

Glass containers provide sustainable and inert storage options. They are easy to use, sanitize and clean for reuse and recycling. Glass containers are infinitely recyclable, reusable, a refillable.

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