5ml Glass Jar- Child Resistant with Black Lids


5ml Certified Child Resistant Jar with Black Lids

Looking for a larger option? 9ml child resistant jars available here 

non-child resistant options available here

Easily fits a gram. A great glass dab jar.  perfect glass jar for concentrates.

Customize the 5 ml glass jar lids with stickers, printing, and boxes below.

Custom printed lids or stickers available here

Boxes available here

These are the heavy bottom jars you are looking for if you have:

Saucy diamonds that need a happy home.
Bubble too fire to squish

Diameter: 1.25"

Height: 1"

All types of glass jars are recyclable after cleaning and removing all labels.


Glass jars have thick bottoms to increase durability and increase visibility.


Glass jars shouldn’t be filled to the brim to ensure that they can be easily opened without any spillage. A glass jar filled to the brim with extracts is more likely to get stuck close and be difficult to open.


Glass jars should always be chosen over plastic. Plastic jars can lead to consuming plastic in one form or another. They often can leach chemical or other volatile organics compounds into your oil. We suggest using only glass jars for extracts.


Glass is a poor thermal conductor and rapid changes in temperature (roughly 60°F and greater) may create stress fractures in the glass that may eventually crack.