7ml Glass Jars- Screw Top with Lids


7ml glass jar with lid.  Clear or Frosted bottom.

These 7ml glass jars are the most popular non-cr jar.  Gently sloped sides to pool into the flat center bottom for easy collection. No corners to loose any extract

White Black and printed lids are available upon request

Customize the jar lids with stickers, printing, and boxes below.

Custom printed lids or stickers available here


These are the heavy bottom jars you are looking for if you have:

Saucy diamonds that need a happy home.

Golden coins
Bubble too fire to squish

Get the BOXES to match HERE

Diameter: 1.67" 

Height: .75"

Our 7ml glass jars are 1.67 inches wide by .75 inches tall


Our glass jars are made from container glass that is chemically inert and will not interact with its contents.


Glass jars are breakable with serious temperature shock, high drops, or hard collisions. They are significantly more durable than plastic jars.


We are not able to color these glass jars without stickers.


These jars are perfect for wholesale purposes. With their low cost and high return on a filled jar, they are the perfect container for wholesale distribution.