Silicone Nectar Collector Kit

Yo, what's good my fellow smoke enthusiasts! Are you in the market for a top-notch nectar collector that'll blow your mind (and your smoke)? Look no further!

Introducing our premium silicone nectar collector, complete with a titanium tip and stand to keep it upright. This bad boy breaks in two for easy water changes and has a built-in bubbler to keep that H2O from spilling or dripping out. Plus, it's compact at only 7.5" x 2", making it easy to take on the go.

But the real kicker? You can get some SERIOUS rips with this thing. Trust us, you'll be feeling fly as a G6 in no time. And the best part? Don't wait, get your nectar collector today and join the ranks of the dabbing elite. Peace out, and smoke on!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a Nectar collector kit?

A silicone nectar collector kit is a kit that provides all the necessary tools (aside from a torch) to successfully consume concentrates. Kits will include a dabber, a silicone container to dab out of, and a stand to make heating the nail a bit easier.

What is the best nectar collector?

The best nectar collector is the one that you’ve chosen! We offer nectar collectors with water filtration for a more smooth and cooler hit. We also have compact and discrete nectar collectors that don’t use water filtration and can fit right in your pocket.

How do you use a silicone Nectar collector kit?

After you have heated the tip, let it cool, put your mouth to the mouthpiece and hold the tip into the wax container. It will start vaporizing right away, so inhale immediately. We suggest you store your concentrates in a glass container—you can dip the tip directly into that container or dab off of a separate glass surface.

Are silicone Nectar collectors good?

Silicone nectar collectors are a safe portable way to consume concentrates with little to no waste. With less moving parts and silicone pieces you will find an ultra durable and pure form of vaporization.