Slick® Slab


Looking for a solution to a sticky table?

Want to cover a work or processing area?

Need to show off an entire glass collection?

Slick® Slab is the ultimate table-top extractor's tool. Made of a durable silicone, this six square feet of cloth can cover any table-top — transforming the tabletop into an extraction station while also protecting your glass and products from the surface below.

Protect your glass tools, and reclaim lost concentrates. Handle the stickiest extracts with ease, and never lose a drop to your table again! Six square feet of the the finest silicone in the world, the 2′X3′ Slick® Slab is a stylish and elegant solution that turns your ordinary table into an extraordinary display for your tools, glass, and concentrates. FREE SHIPPING TO U.S. *CASE PRICES AVAILABLE IN DROP DOWN MENU* 3ft by 2 ft

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