Oil Slick® Sheet PTFE

Introducing Oil Slick® Sheet PTFE - the ultimate solution for all your laboratory and scientific needs. Our PTFE film is made with the highest quality materials and is specifically designed to withstand direct solvent exposure. This makes it ideal for use in various applications, such as reducing nucleation and achieving glassy results, using the directional flow technique, and covering lab surfaces.

In addition to its superior performance, Oil Slick® Sheet PTFE is also extremely convenient to use. It comes in 4 foot rolls that can be purchased individually or in cases for retail sale. We also offer large bulk rolls in multiple thicknesses, making it easy to stock up and save money. Plus, our PTFE film is terpene resistant, ensuring that it stays fresh and usable for longer periods of time.

If you're looking for a disposable alternative to parchment paper, look no further than Oil Slick® Sheet PTFE. It's perfect for lining collection vessels, evaporation dishes, and vacuum ovens, and has excellent heat transfer capabilities up to 500°F. Plus, with our bulk options currently in stock, you can save even more money and reduce waste from trimming and cutting.

And for those who need an extra durable solution, we now offer a 30% thicker option of Oil Slick® Sheet PTFE. This extra thick variety is perfect for rugged applications and will last longer, making it an even better value.

So why wait? Upgrade your lab and scientific equipment with Oil Slick® Sheet PTFE today!

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