April 12, 2023 2 min read

If you work in the cannabis industry, you know how important it is to use disposable gloves. They protect your hands from sticky resin, sharp scissors and harsh chemicals. They also prevent cross-contamination and ensure product quality and safety. But what if we told you that half of the gloves you use are tainted with fecal matter and other bacteria?

That’s the shocking finding of a new study by Eagle Protect, a glove supplier that specializes in food safety. They tested 25 different brands of gloves used in the medical and food industries, and found that 50% of them had bacteria that can cause foodborne illnesses, food spoilage and skin infections. They also found sewage, human and animal gut bacteria and other signs of fecal pollution.

How did this happen? Well, some disposable gloves are made in factories where the manufacturing standards are not very high. Especially individuals purchasing very inexpensive glove.. Some factories use dirty water, reuse water or don’t use water at all during production. Some also pack gloves in unsanitary environments, exposing them to more contaminants.

This is bad news for anyone who uses disposable gloves, especially those who work with cannabis. You could be contaminating your products with germs and diseases instead of keeping them clean and pure. You could also be putting yourself and your customers at risk of getting sick or infected.

So what can you do to avoid this? Well, you can start by choosing a reputable glove supplier that tests their products for quality and safety. You can also wash your hands before and after using gloves, and change them frequently. And don’t forget to dispose of them properly in a trash bin.

Disposable gloves are supposed to protect you and your cannabis products from harmful substances. But if they are dirty and contaminated, they are doing more harm than good. Don’t let your gloves fool you. Be smart and stay safe.