May 12, 2022 2 min read

Bongs and pipes come in numerous different shapes and sizes, some artisan designs, and always safe to use! So why all of a sudden are silicone bongs so popular? Why are they endlessly outselling glass? What advantage does one have over the other? There are a handful! Let me fill you in!


1) Silicone bongs are nearly impossible to break!

The most desirable part of silicone bongs is that they are indestructible! As an individual that has broken my fair share of bongs - I couldn't be more thankful.

Their durability adds significant portability! Fold, twist, bend, and smash it into a backpack without any permanent damage.


2) Easy to clean 

Cleaning a glass bong is stinky, dirty, and time consuming. Mixing salt and alcohol then shaking vigorously for who knows how long?? Thankfully silicone is non-stick to begin with. No stuck resin or water marks. Simply give it a quick rinse with water. Throw it in the freezer for 30-45 minutes and crunch all that resin and ice off by squeezing and bending the pipe. If this doesn't get everything, use a little soap and water for a final rinse!


3) Silicone bongs are affordable

A majority of the glass bongs and pipes available on the market start at $50 for the most basic of devices. These basic devices are often low quality, break easily, and will end in disappointment. Silicone bongs are significantly more affordable for the function that you receive. Instead of paying $200 for a bong with a showerhead perc, a silicone bong can include one for less than $30.


At the end of the day, some people believe that glass is the superior material for pipes and bongs and can't be convinced otherwise. Although for clumsy people like myself, who like to be outdoors, enjoy clean pipes, and smoke a little herb, a silicone piece is the best alternative.