December 01, 2022 1 min read

Introducing the newest innovation in nonstick paper: Oil Slick Silicone Release Paper.

This ultra-strong, moisture resistant paper is perfect for making rosin and drying water extracts. It's also great for crafting projects and anywhere you need an ultra-nonstick surface.

Slick paper

To extract the oil, specialty parchment paper is used. The Oil Slick Paper is a non-stick, high quality paper that is grease and oil resistant, making it great for wax, dabs, and other concentrated medicinal oils. It is also commonly used by dispensaries as packaging for individual concentrate dosages.

The extraction process involves using parchment paper squares to gather rosin from the bud of the plant. The bud is folded between a parchment paper square and squeezed using a hot press to push the oils out. This helps remove residual solvents and leave a pure resin. The parchment paper helps capture the residual oil while not absorbing into the paper.

Our unique bonding technique plus medical grade silicone produce a paper that is stronger and more non-stick than parchment. A thick layer of medical-grade silicon makes this paper both strong and nonstick. It's moisture resistant and PH balanced, so it works well for both botanical extraction and other projects like painting or crafts. Plus, our precuts save time and money while still providing incredible quality. So what are you waiting for?