June 30, 2023 2 min read

In today's thriving cannabis industry, having reliable, top-notch accessories has never been more essential. Specifically, for cannabis concentrates—a growing market segment—proper storage is paramount. One product that has persistently captured consumers' attention is the 7ml jars from Oil Slick. With their wide-reaching popularity, these jars have become a go-to choice for both professional and novice users. But what exactly makes them so desirable? Why have they become the most popular cannabis concentrate jar on the market? Let's dig deeper.

Uncompromising Quality and Ingenious Design

7ml glass jar with lid included

Standing firmly at the forefront of Oil Slick's success is an unwavering dedication to offering only the best. The 7ml jars, being the market's darling, evidently embodies this ethos.

  • Unmatched Material Quality: Each 7ml jar is meticulously constructed from high-grade borosilicate glass, a material renowned for its superior durability and high thermal resistance. This quality not only ensures that these jars are remarkably durable, but also that they can safely hold even the most temperature-sensitive cannabis concentrates.
  • Practical, Elegant Design: The jars are thoughtfully designed with user-friendly features, such as a screw-top lid for secure sealing and a clear body for easy product visibility. Plus, their sleek and elegant design adds a touch of sophistication.

Ideal Capacity for Flexible Use

With their 7ml capacity, these jars strike the perfect equilibrium between portability and storage capability. It's a size that fits 'just right' for a majority of users.

  • Easy to Carry: Despite holding a substantial quantity, the 7ml jars from Oil Slick are compact enough to slide effortlessly into your pocket or bag. Whether you're traveling or just out and about, these jars are an excellent portable solution.
  • Ample Storage: Even with their compact size, these jars are not to be underestimated. Their 7ml capacity is ample for a generous amount of cannabis concentrate, ensuring you always have enough on hand.

Supreme Quality Preservation

7ml jar with oil

Beyond just storage, the Oil Slick 7ml jars are also uniquely designed to preserve the quality of your concentrates.

  • Airtight Seal: Minimizing exposure to air is vital in maintaining the freshness and potency of cannabis concentrates. The 7ml jars are designed with a secure, airtight seal that safeguards the potency of your concentrates.
  • Non-Stick Surface: Moreover, thanks to their smooth interior surface, concentrates do not stick to the jar, ensuring you can retrieve every bit of the product—no waste, only value.

Unbeatable Affordability

Despite their premium features and unmatched quality, Oil Slick's 7ml jars are competitively priced. This makes them not just an excellent choice but also an affordable one for a broad range of consumers.

7ml jar with white lid


Without a doubt, Oil Slick's 7ml jars aren't just another cannabis accessory—they're an industry revolution. Their superior quality, optimal size, unmatched preservation capabilities, and competitive pricing set them apart in the cannabis concentrate market. And as cannabis concentrates continue to grow in popularity, the demand for these reliable, high-quality jars is set to soar.

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