March 08, 2023 2 min read

The cannabis industry is booming, and as one of the fastest-growing and highly regulated industries in the country, it has the potential to be a goldmine for years to come. Brands have evolved from their illicit-market-esque beginnings with more sophisticated marketing strategies.

However, amidst the messy throes of brand strategy, in-store design, social media marketing, and digital advertising, packaging design remains an underestimated piece of the mix. Your cannabis product packaging is a silent yet powerful sales pitch to your customers, communicating the price, value, product benefits, and your brand's identity. It is often the first touchpoint when a customer browses displays in a dispensary. Did you know that 72 percent of American consumers say that a product's packaging design has an impact on their decision to buy?

Unfortunately, cannabis packaging is often overlooked due to the many regulations that come with it. Each state has different packaging and labeling requirements, making it difficult to keep up with regulations. According to CannaCon, the most restrictive states for cannabis packaging regulations are Alaska, California, Maryland, and Massachusetts. On the other hand, the least restrictive states are Arizona, Delaware, Maine, New Jersey, Rhode Island, and Vermont.

But don't let regulations hold you back. You can still change the game by leveraging your packaging design for your brand. Here's how:

  1. Think outside the box - Don't limit yourself to traditional packaging designs. Be creative and think of unique ways to showcase your product.

  2. Know your audience - Understand your target market and design your packaging to appeal to them.

  3. Keep it simple - Don't overwhelm your customers with too much information on the packaging. Stick to the essentials and keep it clean and simple.

  4. Use high-quality materials - Your packaging is a reflection of your brand, so invest in high-quality materials that represent your brand's values.

In conclusion, cannabis packaging is a crucial element in your brand's success. It's often the first impression customers have of your product, and it can make or break their decision to buy. Don't let regulations hold you back - be creative, understand your audience, keep it simple, and invest in high-quality materials. At Oil Slick, we're here to help you create packaging that represents your brand and stands out on the shelves.