January 31, 2024 6 min read


When it comes to working with cannabis extracts and cooking, having the right equipment can make all the difference. Silicone mats for dabs, specifically the Oil Slick Pad, Oil Slick Duo, and Oil Slick Slab, offer the perfect solution. These versatile, easy-to-use products provide a smooth, non-stick surface that is both heat resistant and reusable, making your dabbing and cooking experiences much more pleasant.

Silicone Pads: The Ideal Material

Silicone mats truly stand out in their field, delivering significant benefits regardless of whether you're cooking up a storm or dabbing with cannabis extracts. Their non-stick surface is a game changer, ensuring that none of your product goes to waste, clinging to the mat. It's all about the maximum yield, isn't it? What's more, they're remarkably heat resistant, which makes them an absolute champ in the face of a sizzling dab rig or a piping hot oven.

However, the magic of silicone mats does not stop there. Another great feature of these mats is how simple they are to clean. Spills and residues can be effortlessly wiped away, leaving no trace of previous uses. This means no lingering odors or unwanted flavors messing with your culinary creations or impacting your dabbing experience. Essentially, you get a fresh start every time you use your mat, which makes dabbing and cooking more efficient and enjoyable.

Of course, let's not forget about their reusable nature. These mats can withstand numerous uses without any decline in performance. Unlike parchment paper or other materials, silicone mats don't have to be discarded after one use, which makes them an environmentally friendly choice as well.

Overall, silicone mats bring a plethora of benefits to your kitchen or dabbing setup. From their non-stick surfaces and heat resistant properties to their easy-to-clean and reusable nature, they are truly a valuable tool that can enhance your cooking or dabbing experience. With silicone mats, it’s all about efficient usage, maximum yield, and a clean, uncomplicated process. So, whether you're a seasoned dabber or an amateur chef, it's time to consider adding a silicone mat to your toolkit. The benefits are just too good to pass up.

The Oil Slick Pad 12x8.5": A True Workhorse

silicone dab mat

Introducing the Oil Slick Pad, your ultimate companion for handling cannabis concentrates or crafting culinary delights. This 12x8.5 inch silicone mat is a genuine workhorse, masterfully handling a myriad of tasks with ease. If you're a dab enthusiast, you'll appreciate how the non-stick surface of the Oil Slick Pad makes manipulating your extracts a breeze. No more struggles with sticky situations, just smooth, effortless dabbing.

Imagine being able to spread out your waxes, oils, and other concentrates on the ample space provided by the Oil Slick Pad. The size is just right - not too big to be cumbersome, not too small to be restrictive. It's like having a generous canvas for your cannabis creations. And for those who enjoy whipping up magic in the kitchen, the Oil Slick Pad serves as an excellent baking sheet or food prep surface.

The true beauty of the Oil Slick Pad lies in its versatility. Whether you're cooking up a storm or diving into a dabbing session, this silicone mat is up for the task. Its heat resistance comes in handy when dealing with sizzling dab rigs or hot ovens, ensuring your safety while preserving the integrity of your creations. And let's not forget how easy it is to clean up afterward. Just a quick wipe down, and your Oil Slick Pad is ready for its next adventure.

In short, the Oil Slick Pad 12x8.5" is the epitome of convenience and efficiency rolled into one. It's a tool designed to make your dabbing and cooking experiences smoother and more enjoyable. So, if you're in search of a reliable partner in your culinary or cannabis journey, the Oil Slick Pad is a contender worthy of serious consideration.

The Convenient Oil Slick Duo: Small but Mighty

Meet the Oil Slick Duo, a compact marvel that may be small in size but is mighty in its performance. Don't let its petite dimensions fool you - this silicone mat boasts the same heat-resistant and non-stick qualities as its larger siblings, offering a superior dabbing experience. What sets the Duo apart, however, is its optimal portability and seamless storage. It’s the perfect companion for on-the-move dabbers or those working with limited space.

Slick Duo Pad

Imagine having the same efficiency and convenience offered by larger mats, neatly packaged into a more compact and portable size. That's precisely what you get with the Oil Slick Duo. The smaller footprint doesn't take anything away from its performance. It continues to provide a non-stick, heat-resistant surface for handling your favorite cannabis concentrates.

Like a master of disguise, the Duo's diminutive size conceals its impressive capabilities. Despite its smaller stature, it has no trouble handling the heat, whether from a fiery dab rig or a hot baking oven. And its non-stick surface remains just as reliable, ensuring you get the maximum yield from your concentrates or culinary creations.

Beyond its functionality, the Duo’s compact size makes it ideal for those with space constraints or for dab enthusiasts on the move. Whether you're traveling, at a friend's place, or simply prefer a more minimalistic setup, the Duo offers the same superior dabbing experience, sans the bulk.

With the Oil Slick Duo, space limitations are no longer a barrier to achieving a smooth, enjoyable dabbing experience. This compact mat allows you to take your dabbing sessions anywhere, anytime without any hassle. And when you're done, it stores away discreetly, ready for your next adventure.

In essence, the Oil Slick Duo is the embodiment of the saying "good things come in small packages." It's proof that size isn't everything, and that even the smallest tools can pack a powerful punch. With the Duo, you have a mighty dabbing ally that's ready to travel with you, always delivering on its promise of a smooth, hassle-free dabbing experience. So, if you prefer compact and portable without compromising on performance, the Oil Slick Duo is your perfect match.

The xl Oil Slick Slab 2ftx3ft: Big Jobs Need Big Tools

Welcome to the world of the Oil Slick Slab - the titan of the silicone mat family. Measuring an impressive 2 feet by 3 feet, this silicone mat is designed for those who believe in the adage 'go big or go home'. Ideal for large scale cooking or extensive dabbing sessions, the Oil Slick Slab is the tool you need when size matters.

Silicone Dab Pad

Just imagine the endless possibilities this mat provides with its ample space. Whether you're hosting a dab party with friends, processing large quantities of cannabis extracts, or prepping a feast for a family gathering, the Slab is up to the challenge. It truly excels in big jobs where its smaller counterparts might fall short.

Despite its vast size, the Slab carries the same valued features of its family - a non-stick surface, high heat resistance, and ease of cleaning. Think about spreading out your cannabis concentrates without worrying about them sticking, or prepping your baked goods without them burning at the bottom. The Slab is all about bringing ease and efficiency to your cooking and dabbing, regardless of the scale.

And the fun doesn't stop there. Post dab or cooking cleanup is a breeze with the Slab. Its large surface area is just as easy to clean, ensuring that your large-scale activities don't leave behind a large-scale mess.

In a nutshell, the Oil Slick Slab is like the Hercules of silicone mats. It is a powerful tool that can handle your large cooking or dabbing needs without breaking a sweat. The Slab, with its ample space and reliable features, is the perfect partner for anyone dealing with big jobs. It’s a case of bigger really being better!

Maintenance and Care of Silicone Pads

Nurturing your silicone mat is as breezy as a sunny afternoon in the park. A quick bath in warm, soapy water followed by air-drying will keep it in top-notch condition. If you're all about convenience, feel free to toss it into the dishwasher for an effortless clean. Just remember, sharp objects and silicone mats are like oil and water – they don't mix! Keep your mat clear of any prying forks or knives to avoid unwanted nicks and cuts. When it's time to put your mat away, simply lay it flat or roll it up like a treasured map. This will help it retain its shape and functionality for many sessions to come. With the right amount of love and care, your silicone mat can become a long-standing companion in your cooking or dabbing adventures.

Silicone Pads Are Worth the Investment

The versatility and efficiency of silicone mats, specifically from Oil Slick, are game-changers for both the kitchen aficionado and the dabbing devotee. Whether you're concocting a culinary masterpiece or indulging in a dabbing session, these mats provide a durable, user-friendly, and long-lasting solution that you can depend on. With a range of sizes tailored to your unique needs, the Oil Slick silicone mats effortlessly adapt to your lifestyle, proving their worth again and again. There's no need to settle for anything less than the best. So why not embrace the Oil Slick silicone mat and discover a superior way to cook and dab? The investment is undoubtedly worthwhile, and the rewards are yours to reap. It’s time to elevate your dabbing and cooking experiences to a whole new level of convenience, efficiency, and enjoyment with these top-quality silicone mats. Trust us, you'll be glad you did!