October 23, 2023 2 min read

Preserving the integrity, flavor, and aroma of your concentrates is an art perfected by Oil Slick's range of glass dab jars. Designed for the connoisseur, explore the uniqueness of the 5ml, 7ml, and 9ml jars - each a masterpiece of preservation and accessibility, ensuring every dab is an experience to remember.

Oil Slick's Masterpieces Unveiled

5ml - The Portable Perfection

5ml glass jars from Oil Slick

Compact yet uncompromising on quality, the 5ml dab jars are your perfect travel companion. Engineered for those who live life on the move, they ensure that your concentrates retain their essence, flavor, and potency.

  • Pocket-Friendly: Ideal for minimalists who prioritize convenience.
  • Preservation Excellence: A sanctuary ensuring each dab retains its original allure.

7ml - The Balanced Beauty

7ml glass dab jar

Balance capacity with portability in the sophisticated 7ml glass dab jars. For those who desire a middle ground, these jars offer enough storage without compromising on the convenience of portability and access.

  • Enhanced Volume: A harmonious blend of capacity and convenience.
  • Aesthetic and Functional: Durable and designed to impress.

9ml - The Generous Gem

9ml glass dab jar

Indulge in the luxury of ample space with the 9ml variant, a haven for enthusiasts who value generosity in storage and experience. Every aspect is engineered to elevate the essence of your concentrates.

  • Luxury and Capacity: Designed for the passionate and discerning.
  • Superior Preservation: Every dab is a consistent masterpiece of flavor and aroma.

The Oil Slick Promise

Customized Experience

Oil Slick appreciates the uniqueness of every enthusiast. Whether you’re a traveler, a moderate user, or a luxury seeker, there’s a jar crafted to meet your specific needs and preferences.

Unparalleled Quality

Each jar is a statement of quality, promising an air-tight seal for optimal preservation of potency and flavor, ensuring every use is a fresh and enriched experience.

Step into a World of Elevated Indulgence

Oil Slick’s glass dab jars are not just storage; they’re your passport to a world where the purity of experience is the ultimate luxury. Each jar, be it 5ml, 7ml, or 9ml, is a crafted experience ensuring your concentrates are not just stored but celebrated.

Your journey of unparalleled experience, where each dab is a symphony of preserved potency and flavor, begins with Oil Slick. Because true indulgence lies in savoring the untouched purity of your favorite concentrates, encapsulated in jars designed to be as precious as the treasures they hold.

Tailored for the Connoisseur

Oil Slick transcends the ordinary, offering a sanctuary where your concentrates are as valued and respected as you are. Each dab, preserved in our meticulously crafted glass jars, is an invitation to step into a world where quality, elegance, and functionality converge. Your elevated experience, enriched with consistency and purity, awaits. Dive in and savor the Oil Slick difference, because every dab is a celebration of excellence.