October 20, 2023 2 min read

In the specialized niche of cannabis storage, every detail, every curve, and every feature of the storage jar plays a pivotal role in preserving the integrity, aroma, and quality of the cannabis. Oil Slick understands this delicate dance between form and function. Introducing our meticulously crafted 3 oz and 5 oz jars, the epitome of perfection where elegance meets security, and style intertwines with practicality.

Oil Slick’s 5 oz Jars

5 oz glass jar

Amplifying the Aesthetic and Functional Quotient

Nestled within the alluring confines of Oil Slick’s 5 oz jars, your cannabis finds a haven where freshness, aroma, and quality are preserved and celebrated. Every aspect of these jars is infused with the promise of an unparalleled storage experience.

  • Air-Tight Seal: The meticulous design guarantees an airtight seal, a sentry that stands guard, preserving the aroma and quality of your cannabis.
  • Child Proof Lids: With safety at the forefront, the child-proof lids are a fortress that ensures the contents are secure, yet easily accessible for adults.

Oil Slick’s 3 oz Glass Jars

3 oz glass jar

A Symphony of Compact Elegance and Security

Our 3 oz glass jars are a testament to the art of marrying compact elegance with top-tier safety. Every inch of these jars is crafted with a keen eye on detail, ensuring your cannabis is stored with the utmost care without compromising on style.

  • Child Proof Lids: Engineered with precision, the child-proof lids offer an extra layer of security, ensuring peace of mind.
  • Clarity and Quality: The crystal-clear glass offers an unobstructed view of the content, symbolizing transparency and quality.

Diving Deeper: The Inherent Excellence of Oil Slick’s Jars

5 oz glass jar with mushrooms

A Journey of Discovery

Oil Slick prides itself on the bespoke craftsmanship, unwavering quality, and the intricate detailing embedded in each 3 oz and 5 oz jar. While each jar is a masterpiece in its own right, let’s explore their distinguishing features and inherent excellence.

  • Volume and Versatility:

    • The 5 oz jars cater to those seeking ample storage, promising preserved freshness and aroma.
    • The 3 oz glass jars are tailored for personal and portable needs, embodying compact elegance.
  • Safety First:

    • Both jar variants are equipped with child-proof lids, a testament to Oil Slick’s commitment to safety and security.


In the realm of cannabis storage, Oil Slick emerges as the herald of innovation, quality, and safety. The distinct 5 oz jars are a sanctuary where spacious storage meets unparalleled safety. Simultaneously, the 3 oz glass jars resonate with the symphony of compact elegance and unwavering security. Explore a world where each jar is a narrative of craftsmanship, quality, and innovation, echoing the Oil Slick promise [insert backlink here].