October 02, 2023 2 min read

The world of cannabis consumption has seen an innovative twist with the advent of dabbing. This method, which involves heating concentrates on a hot surface and inhaling the resulting vapor, promises a potent and flavorful experience that traditional methods can't rival. The secret to a perfect dab? The right tools. From the renowned Quartz Banger to the flavor-enhancing Terp Slurper, here's your definitive guide to the art of dabbing.

Understanding the Dabbing Revolution

For those new to the scene, dabbing offers a unique twist on cannabis consumption. By utilizing a banger to heat concentrates and a dab rig for inhalation, users unlock a potent and rich flavor profile that stands unparalleled in the cannabis world.

Quartz Banger: The Foundation of Dabbing

No dabbing setup is complete without the right banger. Here's why:

14mm quartz banger

  • Traditional Quartz Banger: Renowned in the dabbing community, it's praised for maintaining a consistent temperature, ensuring a smooth dab every time.

    • 90 Degree Quartz Banger: Designed specifically for rigs with a perpendicular joint, this banger promises an ergonomic dabbing experience.

90 degree opaque quartz banger

  • Opaque Quartz Gavel Banger: Faster in heating and superior in retaining warmth, it's a flavor connoisseur's first choice.

The Flavor Enhancer: Terp Slurper

90 degree terp slurper quartz banger

Flavor fanatics, meet your new best friend. The Terp Slurper's unique design guarantees:

  • Efficient vaporization even at lower temperatures, ensuring your concentrates are never wasted.

  • An unparalleled flavor profile, squeezing every ounce of taste from your favorite strains.

Essential Dabbing Accessories

Mastering the dab requires more than just the perfect banger. Consider these game-changing accessories that are included in our banger kit!

  • Carb Cap: Control airflow and achieve even vaporization at those crucial low temperatures.

  • Terp Pearls: Made of either glass or quartz, these tiny accessories promise uniform heat distribution and an elevated vapor experience.

  • Dabbing Tweezers: Prioritize safety and precision when handling and placing your concentrates.

Elevate Your Dabbing Experience

The art of dabbing is transformative, turning a simple act into a ceremonial ritual. Equip yourself with the right tools — from the foundational Quartz Banger to the Terp Slurper, complemented by accessories like the Carb Cap and Terp Pearls.