September 26, 2023 2 min read

Dabbing, a popular method for consuming cannabis concentrates, has revolutionized the way enthusiasts experience their favorite strains. But, as with any craft, having the right tools is essential. In this realm, products like the Oil Slick Pad and the Silicone Dab mat have emerged as game changers. Let’s delve into these must-have cannabis accessories.

Dabbing Demystified

Before we jump into the tools of the trade, it's crucial to shed light on dabbing. Dabbing is not just about heating; it's an art. Unlike traditional smoking methods, dabbing involves vaporizing concentrates, providing a unique experience that requires precision. This refined method demands the right accessories, and that's where our exploration begins.

Top Cannabis Accessories for the Perfect Dab

  • Oil Slick Pad silicone dab mat
  • Oil Slick Pad: This pad is more than just an accessory; it's the perfect companion for those who despise waste. Designed with an anti-stick surface, it's tailored for handling cannabis concentrates, ensuring you utilize every bit.

  • Slick Slab Silicone Dab Mat: This mat, a favorite among dabbing enthusiasts, promises a neat and tidy dabbing space. It's built to capture any stray residue, offering you a hassle-free dabbing experience.

  • Oil Slick Duo Dab mat
  • Oil Slick Duo Set: Aimed at the on-the-go dabber, this set provides a comprehensive portable solution. Featuring two miniature pads designed for various concentrates, it guarantees freshness and purity with every use.

Why Silicone Dominates the Dabbing Scene

Silicone’s rise in the cannabis accessory world isn't accidental. Here's why it's preferred:

  • Non-stick Nature: Perfect for simplifying the handling of sticky cannabis concentrates.
  • Durability: Holding a significant edge over fragile materials like glass.
  • Heat-resistance: Crafted to withstand the high temperatures of dabbing.

Picking Your Perfect Accessory

  • Newbies: Kick start your dabbing journey with a Silicone Dab mat.
  • Veteran Dabbers: For a more enriching experience, consider the comprehensive Oil Slick Pad or the versatile Oil Slick Duo set.


The allure of dabbing lies not just in the method, but in the tools that enhance the experience. To truly revel in every session, equipping oneself with the right accessories, such as the Silicone Dab mat or the Oil Slick Duo set, is imperative. Curious to dive deeper? Explore our in-depth guide on top-tier cannabis tools.