July 10, 2023 2 min read

With the rapidly growing legal cannabis industry, marijuana packaging is gaining notable importance. The right stash jar can be instrumental, not only in preserving the product's freshness and potency but also in meeting safety standards and portraying your brand's identity. In this comprehensive guide, we will illuminate everything you need to know about selecting weed jars—from the compact 7ml versions to the larger 3oz types, and the essential child-resistant features.

Marijuana Packaging: More Than Meets the Eye

Marijuana packaging has transitioned from mere plastic bags to advanced jars that ensure product quality and safety. This change reflects the maturation of the market and the demand for dependable, top-notch packaging solutions.

  • Product Preservation: Airtight marijuana jars, such as the 7ml or the more capacious 3oz jars, provide a secure environment that maintains product freshness and prevents potential contamination.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Legalized marijuana states have specific packaging regulations, with many stipulating child-resistant containers as a requirement.
  • Brand Persona: Packaging is often the first interaction customers have with your brand. High-quality, appealing weed jars can enhance your brand's reputation and appeal to consumers.

Stash Jar Selection: Sizing it Up

Size plays a significant role when choosing a stash jar. Whether it's a compact 7ml jar or a spacious 3oz jar, each has its unique advantages, catering to varied user needs and preferences.

  • 7ml Jar: Perfect for personal use, concentrates, or sample products, the 7ml jar offers portability and compactness for consumers always on the move.

3oz Weed Jar

  • 3oz Jar: For those seeking larger capacity, the 3oz jar provides ample space without compromising the product's freshness and quality.

Beyond Safety: Embracing Child-Resistant Glass Weed Jars

While all marijuana jars need to be child-resistant, considering glass weed jars can be beneficial. Glass weed jars encompass not only safety but also quality, aesthetics, and environmental consciousness.

  • Guaranteed Safety: Glass weed jars come equipped with child-resistant caps, adding an extra layer of safety, ensuring your product isn't easily accessible to minors.
  • Quality and Freshness: Glass is an excellent material for maintaining the aroma and potency of cannabis. It is also non-reactive, which prevents the container's taste from affecting the product.
  • Eco-Conscious: Glass jars are reusable, recyclable, and align with the increasing demand for sustainable packaging options.


In the flourishing cannabis industry, marijuana packaging solutions need to be top-tier, compliant, and visually appealing. From the versatile 7ml jar to the larger 3oz jar, and the necessity for child-resistant features, your packaging can significantly impact your product's appeal and customer satisfaction.