December 13, 2022 1 min read

Want to start the new year off right?

Then you need one of these hot sellers that are making every top 10 gift list for 2021. Some of the coolest silicone rigs out there – perfect for enjoying during the holidays, or as a gift for someone else (especially since they're almost indestructible)Percules

Percules hybrid silicone pipe

A sweet Hybrid Glass Silicone Rig.  Glass and silicone perc.  Best of both worlds

Not sure why silicone dab rings are such a popular choice? It's because they come in so many different colors and styles – from big and small, to every sort of design imaginable.

Smoking Crescent

The Smoking Crescent

When someone asks your moon sign, hand them this.

Plus, they're virtually indestructible! So whether it's someone you love on Christmas or New Year's Eve, an indestructible pipe will definitely make their day.

Hybrid Ball Rid

Hybrid Ball Rid

The inexpensive, unbreakable, ball rig.

Now onto our entire collection – enjoy!