August 13, 2021 2 min read

So you are searching online for a guide to dab with a nectar collector? Hopefully I can answer the most common questions about how to use a nectar collector for dabbing.

First of all, nectar collectors can be separated into three categories. Glass, silicone, and electric.

For the purpose of this article I will focus on silicone nectar collectors since that's the majority of what we make here at Oil Slick. We do sell standalone electric, but the majority of our nectar collector kits are made of silicone.

A silicone nectar collector is a durable and handy convenience when you're looking for a dab while traveling on the go or just something you can put in a backpack and take with you on the road. Mainly comprised of a silicone chamber with a bubbler insert and in the tip you have a titanium dab straw..

An entire nectar collector kit, Is the body of the nectar collector, the titanium nectar collector tip, and often includes a stand and a dish to store your oil or concentrates.

Take your torch, heat the tip until it is glowing hot. Count off 20 to 60 seconds The amount of time you wait will determine the temperature of the titanium tip of your nectar collector. Some people like a hotter dab, others prefer a cool down dab that tastes a bit better but doesn't produce the huge volume of vapor that a hot glowy provides.

Then just grab your dish of oil and dip the tip of your nectar collector right in it, inhaling as much as you can and breathing it out to the four winds Jah Bless!

If your nectar collector is becoming clogged or the silicone portion is getting too warm examine your temperature. A clogged up nectar collector tip indicates that your nectar collector is not hot enough. Alternatively, if your silicone nectar collector is getting too hot to the touch then you need to wait a little longer on that dab. You're dabbing too hot bro.

Check out our entire collection of silicon nectar collectors and electrical nectar collectors. And feel free to hit up the chat if you have any more questions about silicone pipes, bongs dab rigs or anything else ... Even philosophy!