February 17, 2023 2 min read

According to Brightseed, two bioactive compounds found in hemp hulls, N-trans caffeoyltyramine (NCT) and N-trans feruloyltyramine (NFT), may help support gut barrier function. The gut barrier is responsible for absorbing essential nutrients and sensing the immune system while also restricting harmful molecules, toxins, and bacteria. When the intestinal epithelium becomes more permeable, referred to as "leaky gut," it may indicate impaired gut health.

During an in vitro study utilizing Brightseed's Forager AI platform, researchers co-cultured proliferative human transverse colon epithelial cells with tumor necrosis factor (TNF) and NCT, NFT, or NCT/NFT over a 48-hour period. They discovered that TNF decreased transepithelial electrical resistance (TEER) and increased intestinal permeability, but co-administration of NCT and NFT caused a statistically significant reversal of impaired TEER and intestinal permeability.

Brightseed's Forager AI platform identified the activity of NCT and NFT on a biological receptor governing gut health. These two bioactive compounds have also been shown to act as agonists for the HNF4a protein, which is linked to poor intestinal health and decreased gut barrier integrity. Hemp hulls were identified as one of the richest sources of NCT and NFT.

Brightseed launched Brightseed Bio 01, a hemp fiber for food and beverages, last fall containing NCT and NFT to support gut lining and maintain healthy gut barrier function. This hemp fiber is formulated to optimize bioactive content while retaining the nutrient profile of hemp and is meant to be used in cereals, granolas, nutrition bars, functional beverages, and more.

Brightseed CEO and co-founder Jim Flatt stated that this study "provides a strong foundation for the clinical research that is underway to substantiate the benefits of natural ingredients for personalized and proactive health solutions." The company plans to develop a "portfolio of bioactive ingredients to meet important consumer health areas."

In conclusion, the discovery of bioactive compounds in hemp hulls and their potential to support gut health is a promising development in the field of natural health solutions. Brightseed's use of AI technology to identify these compounds and their effects on gut barrier function is a significant advancement that could lead to the development of new functional foods, beverages, and dietary supplements. With continued research and clinical trials, we may soon see the benefits of natural ingredients like hemp hulls for personalized and proactive health solutions.