Crocodile Water Pipe

Croc n’ Puff: Silicone Crocodile Waterpipe

Croc n’ Puff: Silicone Crocodile Waterpipe

Step into the wild with the Croc n’ Puff, a uniquely designed silicone crocodile waterpipe that promises not just a conversation starter but a robust, reliable smoking partner. Tailored for the daring and adventurous cannabis aficionados, its crocodile-inspired design and unmatched durability ensure an unparalleled smoking journey.

  • Beastly Durability: Premium silicone body that withstands drops, knocks, and the test of time.
  • Wild Design: A fierce crocodile aesthetic that adds an exotic touch to your smoking collection.
  • Included Standard Bowl: Comes equipped with a standard bowl for those rich and smooth hits of your fresh herbs and ganja.
  • Upgradable Experience: Options for a Quartz banger upgrade, boosting your dabbing sessions with enhanced flavor and heat retention.
  • Easy to Clean: Breaks down effortlessly for thorough cleaning, keeping every session as pristine as the first.

Perfect for the cannabis enthusiast with a taste for originality and durability, the Croc n’ Puff is more than just a waterpipe; it’s a statement. Embrace the call of the wild.

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