W3 Electric Nectar Collector

Are you tired of the same old dab rig setup? Are you ready to upgrade to the ultimate dabbing tool? Introducing the W3 Electric Nectar Collector - the ceramic tip electric nectar collector that will change the way you dab forever. With a powerful 450mah battery and a compact size of 6.9" x 1.8", this bad boy is ready to go whenever and wherever you are. Simply press the button, heat up the ceramic tip, and get ready to rip some dabs like a boss. And the best part? It even has a built-in perc and glass chamber for that classic bubbler action. Say goodbye to clunky dab rigs and hello to the future of dabbing with the W3 Electric Nectar Collector. But don't stop there - check out our selection of silicone bongs, pipes, and nectar collectors for a safe and durable alternative to glass. And for the ultimate hybrid experience, check out our glass silicone pipes and bongs. Elevate your dab game with the W3 Electric Nectar Collector and our silicone smoking accessories.