Titanium Turtle

Welcome to the wild world of the Titanium Turtle, the ultimate upgrade for your smoke sessions. This little guy started out as a humble reptile with just a basic glass bowl, but with your help and guidance, he's ready to transform into the ultimate smoking companion.

Made from durable titanium, the Titanium Turtle is built to last and withstand all the wear and tear of your daily dabbing and toking. Plus, he's got a funky Rasta design that'll add some major style points to your smoking setup. And don't worry, our silicone stand will keep him safe and secure while you're puffing away.

But the best part about the Titanium Turtle? He's always down to party. Whether you're hitting up a sesh with your crew or just relaxing solo, this little guy is the perfect sidekick to keep the good vibes flowing. So why wait? Make the Titanium Turtle a part of your smoke circle today and elevate your sessions to the next level.