3oz Honey Jar with Silicone Jacket

Looking for a jar that's ready to roll with you wherever you go? Look no further, because this 3 oz jar is the ultimate smoke shop accessory for all your flower or oil storage needs.

But wait, there's more! This jar comes with a silicone jacket, which is like a tiny, stretchy hug for your jar. It'll protect your jar from all those pesky spills and drops that can ruin your day (or your high). Plus, the silicone jacket will help maintain that coveted drip, so you can keep your herb fresh and ready to go.

So why wait? Snag one of these bad boys and never worry about where to store your goodies again. Trust us, your inner stoner will thank you. Just make sure to avoid any prohibited keywords or Google Ads prohibited words, because we don't want to get in trouble with the man. Stay chill and stay stocked with this top-notch jar.