10" Soft Glass Water Bubbler - Color May Vary - (1 Count)

Description :

MJ Wholesale offers a 10" Soft Glass Water Bubbler. Beautiful and sturdy these 10" colorful bongs are super stylish. Made from soft glass. Soft Glass water-pipes are made using a 'softer' type of glass ('soda lime glass') than most of our 'scientific lab glass' ('borosilicate glass') pieces are made of.
These 'old-school' glass pieces also generally do not have the more modern 'glass-on-glass' style of fittings instead relying on rubber grommets and O-rings for the air-tight seals around and between their stem, bowl and drilled-out hole parts. Unique colors swirls around neck of water-pipe, makes this a brilliant piece to your collection

• 10 Inch water bubbler
• Bongs are super stylish.
• Made from soft glass
• Comes in Different Designs
• Colors May Vary