Silicone Pumpkin Rig for flower or concentrates

Are you tired of smoking out of the same old boring rig? Are you in need of something a little more...seasonal? Well, do we have the rig for you! Introducing the Silicone Pumpkin Rig, the ultimate piece for all your flower or concentrate needs. Not only is it super cute with its adorable pumpkin design, but it's also made of silicone so it's durable and easy to clean. Plus, you won't have to worry about any pumpkin guts all over your kitchen table like you would with a real pumpkin rig. This rig comes with a downstem and bowl, and if you're feeling extra fancy you can add a thermal banger with carb cap for a sweet combo deal. And at 7.5" x 2", it's the perfect size for all your sesh needs. So don't be a basic pumpkin, upgrade to the Silicone Pumpkin Rig and get lit in style.