Silicone Sriracha Rig

Are you a spicy stoner who loves some good old Sriracha on everything? Then this Silicone Sriracha Rig is the perfect piece for you! It looks just like the real deal and will have your friends thinking you've lost your mind (or maybe just your taste buds). But don't worry, this rig isn't just for show - it's got a built-in shower head downstem and can be easily disassembled for cleaning. Plus, it comes with a glass bowl and has the option to add a banger for even more heat. And if you really want to take your dab game to the next level, check out our Thermal Banger with Carb Cap - it's the perfect match for this spicy rig. Just make sure to keep it out of the fridge, or your roommates might try to use it as condiment. This rig measures 6.5" x 2", so it's just the right size for all your Sriracha-filled dabbing needs. Don't wait - spice up your smoke sesh with this Silicone Sriracha Rig!